Discover the secret to connecting deeply with your partner and master the key principles and practices to achieve a lifetime of love.

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Discover the secret to connecting deeply with your partner and master the key principles and practices to achieve a lifetime of love.

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Does this sound like you and your relationship?


✔️ You’re stuck in a rut, and you don’t know how to make it better.

✔️ You don’t feel the same connection and closeness to your partner.

✔️ You wonder if this is it…or if there is hope for your relationship.

✔️ You fight in circles about the same (petty) things and don’t know how to make it better.

✔️ Minor disagreements have the potential to erupt into full-blown arguments.

✔️ You walk on eggshells to avoid arguments with your partner.

✔️ Your relationship is okay, but you want to learn new skills to deepen it.


This self-study training is designed to:

  • Give you the skills to successfully deal with your triggers so you don't spark a fight.
  • Help you to overcome your anger so it doesn't sabotage your communication.
  • Provide insight into how your childhood attachment wounds and intergenerational trauma influence your relationship today.
  • Teach you the skills to become confident as a partner, build trust and care in your relationship, and deepen your bond so you can feel joy & excitement in your relationship again. 

✔️ With a proven method that has helped a multitude of couples, just like you, Dr. Gloria Lee is going to guide you step-by-step on how to stop fighting, rebuild trust, increase intimacy, and unlock secrets to sustain closeness and connection. You will be able to take actionable steps to improve your relationship immediately.

✔️ You will uncover the key principles and practices of what successful couples do to create and maintain a vibrant lifelong bond.

✔️ You will discover why you fight in circles, what drives this vicious cycle, and how to transform your arguments into meaningful conversations so you can avoid arguments altogether.

✔️You will master effective and healthy communication skills to permanently shift your dynamics for good, so both partners feel heard and understood.


Access To 5 In-Depth Modules


You're going to get lifetime access to our Portal, where you will be going through Five Key Modules & Bonus Trainings (scroll for more). Each module is packed with incredible resources to guide you on this journey.

You and your partner can share this portal, and learn together at a pace that suits you.  

Understand the impact of childhood attachment, and how this affects your adult life and relationship. 

Overcome your partner's and your triggers to prevent cyclical arguments and fights.

Deep dive into anger, why it shows up, what to do when it arises in fights, and how to express it in a healthy way.

How both partners can feel heard and understood, with this winning formula. Get your needs met, build trust, safety, and closeness.

Enrich the depth of connection with your partner, develop a close and loving bond that stands the test of time.

"Wow wow wow! Dr. Lee’s course is a life changer in ALL my relationships."

"Even in the first hour of the first class, I was left in awe and excitement to use the tools I learned. I cannot believe that by the last class, I now have the confidence and hope that my partner and I have the tools to achieve and maintain a happy and healthy relationship." 

- Kayala

"Ultimately, I feel that I have a deeper connection both with myself and my husband."

"The way the concepts were broken down into consumable pieces was very valuable in understanding our relationship dynamics. By having this awareness along with the tools and exercises in the class, we were able to work through our arguments more effectively and at times avoid them altogether. Dr. Lee has an amazing way of explaining things simply and offers lots of practical exercises that we regularly reference. I highly recommend taking this course as it is a great investment for both personal development and relationships."

- Bonnie

"Dr. Gloria Lee is an exceptional professional, and although we already expected an excellent product, the Connected Couple exceeded our expectations."

"The Connected Couple was an insightful journey to understanding the cause of our problems as a couple and as individuals. Every subject was treated with surprising depth (given the time we had to work with), professionalism, and practicality. The course was full of very useful information and tools, carefully curated to illustrate the focus point of each session and how to approach it. It is amazing how immediate results can be if one is willing to learn from this expertly crafted course."

- Lucia


About Dr. Gloria Lee  

Psychologist, Author, & Educator 

Dr. Gloria Lee is a well respected and trusted authority on relationships and secure attachment. For over 25 years, she has been helping people break the vicious cycle of intergenerational trauma that causes unhealthy relationships. She then transforms them into deeply connected and close bonds.

Her unique method perfectly blends Eastern collectivist philosophy with Western psychology, offering a holistic and integrated approach to understanding and healing relationships from diverse backgrounds. 

With her online courses, live teachings, and 1-on-1 coaching, Dr. Lee empowers couples to make lasting changes in their relationship. 

"I can now be the best spouse, father, friend, and human being."

"[Dr. Lee] gets directly to the basics of how to get your relationship right. It will surprisingly (wow factor) tell you how to interpret situations (correctly, it’s not all about you), look inward and then react accordingly.

[She] gave me so much more insight into my spouse, situations, how my background, MAKES me react in the way that I do…I now am just a hell of a lot more calm in all situations as I look more into the intent of my spouse and people rather than layering in all the noise in me."

- Ed

"It has me thinking differently, reflecting on my responses when under stress, and looking at how I treat the ones closest to me."

"I’ve taken many personal growth trainings throughout my life, most of them advising how to become the best version of yourself. But I find that [Dr. Lee’s] is full of practical advice, backed up by scientific research, and it gives a simple road map in how to change yourself in order to change those around us for the better…."

- Teresa

"We both feel heard, supported, and most importantly, more connected than ever."

"Before the course, my partner and I would have trouble communicating and feeling heard. An issue would come up, we would get escalated because we both got defensive. After the course, our arguments are much shorter, and it actually feels like there’s some resolution. I’d recommend this course to all couples."

- Gary

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"I feel my relationship with my partner is getting to another level."

"This was such a wonderful and meaningful course with Dr. Gloria Lee. When my partner and I have disagreements now, we could find a solution instead argue. Thank you so much."

- Leina


Transform your relationship to one that is deeply connected and loving.